EMS Practitioners Awarded
May 23, 2019

This morning at the Capital Rotunda, EMS Practitioners who have served 25 years or more of service were recognized for their service and contributions to the community. House Representative Keith Gillespie of District 47 offered remarks of when he started his career in EMS, 37 years ago and where his career has lead him.

We are very fortunate and blessed to have many EMS Practitioners throughout the Commonwealth, especially in our region, namely Lancaster County. Here in Columbia, our Volunteers combined, make up over 190 years of active EMS Service. Today, our Board of Directors Chairman, Clyde "Tim" Brown, Jr., was recognized for 50 years of active Practitioner service as an Emergency Medical Technician. Tim's EMT number is #0000358 and has been active since March 31st, 1969. Tim has been a pioneer in Emergency Medical Services, starting his volunteer service in Manhiem Township, Eden Fire Company (Past Fire Chief), the original Columbia Ambulance that was owned and operated by the Columbia Fire Police then later the Columbia Community Ambulance Association, Columbia QRS/EMS as well as many others. Having the foresight that he did, he was instrumental in education for not only the public school system (his chosen career) but also in delivering education to our Pre-Hospital community. Tim Brown is a monumental name that is well recognized throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Currently, at 81 years old, Tim continues to deliver education to many agencies and private companies that include life-guarding classes, currently the Emergency Response Coordinator for the Mennonite Disaster Relief Mission, active member of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team through the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency and many other Boards of Directors and advisory positions.

Words cannot express enough how fortunate we are as an Organization, especially for the residents and visitors of the Borough of Columbia to have Tim with us.

Additionally, two other local names were also awarded their 25 years of active practitioner status. They were Myrna Helsel and Gene Schmidt. Both of these individuals are active with respective agencies and began their careers with the Columbia Community Ambulance Association.

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Ken Stahl May 28, 2019 at 1:50 AM
Congrats to all