EMS Leadership gathering, Essay Winner and Retirement Announced
May 23, 2019

EMS Leaders throughout the region gathered this morning to acknowledge each others efforts and exchange ideas on the movement of EMS and how we can do better. During our gathering, we were fortunate enough to have received education on the Pre-Hospital Para-medicine programs that are becoming more prevalent in our communities, an address from our Regional Medical Director, Dr. Michael Reihart and many other speakers.

This year, the EHSF under the direction of Dr. Reihart offered a new project that offered a challenge to our providers to enter into a contest not to exceed 1000 words on the following question. "As an EMS provider, what does it mean to go beyond the call?" FF/Paramedic William Kanoff was the first recipient of this contest. You can view FF/Paramedic Kanoff reading his submission.

Additionally, long time colleague, Mike Guerra announced that he will be retiring this summer from our EHSF Regional Council. Mike primarily serves in the role of regulations and licensure four our region for many years. Throughout his time in EMS when in New York living, to Pennsylvania, Officers at CEMS have had the pleasure of working on the test team for new practitioners, educating many courses together and conducting our licensure inspections every three years. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and will surely be missed by many individuals throughout our EMS Community. As Mike moves onto his retirement, we offer many thanks and blessings to his future and all the best!

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